In her video CumCookWithMe#2.2, Kirstin Barnes creates an extremely satirical response to recent UK laws regulating female ejaculation in pornography. In a global culture where men are constantly asserting legislation over female bodies, through measures on healthcare, social conventions or sexuality, Barnes comments on the ridiculous double standards that these types of legislation place on female bodies. The video, edited with a large mouse cursor and emulating the aesthetics of an early 2000s adult website, completely removes all traces of male bodies from the porn footage shown, with women receiving disembodied cumshots on their faces and bodies. Barnes’ narrator leads a cooking demonstration in making cum, insinuating that if women had the means to produce this material themselves, they would completely dispense with men.

Alongside the video, Barnes’ sculpture Fountain of the Goddess shows an endlessly ejaculating fountain with water coming from the vagina of a female figure. The figure, a bottom half which begins above the stomach and ends with feet, also has a hand which holds open the vagina. It rests, prone on the floor inside a black tank which looks equally like a hollowed-out television screen. Fountain of the Goddess takes the female ejaculation act, something which lawmakers have felt so threatened by as to regulate, and transposes it into a form which is so classical that it becomes banal, another pleasant little fountain to place in the garden.

Herb Shellenberger 2017


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